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Dave Gutknecht has been editor of Cooperative Grocer magazine since its founding in 1985.

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Cooperative Grocer was published from 1985 to 2019, and its archives comprise a unique reservoir of professional insights, stories of food co-op innovation a

July 17, 2023

The excellent contributions in this issue [#200, Cooperative Grocer] can speak for themselves. After four decades as editor of U.S.

February 2, 2019

Got cooperative conflict? Democratically discuss and decide.

Got social decline? Democratically resist and rebuild.

December 16, 2018

Here is good food for thought, grouped under two themes: approaches to internal cooperation and business strategy; improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in food co-ops.

October 21, 2018

Two widely used co-op education publications from the USDA are newly available in Spanish, thanks to the Cooperative Development Foundation and a grant from CHS Foundation:  "How to Start a Co-op"

August 3, 2018

The annual granting of CCMA awards for excellence and service is managed by the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF: cdf.coop) with assistance from past winners of these awards

July 12, 2018

At the end of May and the onset of June, a spirited crowd of 425 food co-op managers, directors, trainers, and allies met in Portland, Oregon, for three days of intens

July 12, 2018

In June of 2017, Randy Lee was recognized at CCMA by colleagues from across the U.S. and presented with a Cooperative Service award.

June 28, 2018

Fifty years ago this April, after speaking out powerfully against racism, militarism, and extreme materialism, Martin Luther King was killed—yet his message still resounds.

June 28, 2018

Sugar Beet Co-op  in Oak Park, Illinois, was presented the Startup of the Year award from Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) on June 2,

Endcap Articles June 14, 2018

Sugar Beet Co-op (www.sugarbeet.coop) in Oak Park, Illinois, was presented the Startup of the Year award from Foo

Endcap Articles June 14, 2018

In a time of confused voices, it is important to expose what is merely denial, however comforting, and to state what is well-supported, however discomforting.

March 31, 2018

March 23 is the deadline for the 2018 Cooperative Excellence awards to be presented at the June CCMA (Consumer Cooperative Management Association) conference.  Sponsored by Cooperative Development

February 20, 2018

Co-op milestones are given recognition and celebrated at the June conference reported in this issue.

191 July-August 2017 February 10, 2018


February 8, 2018

Co-op education and training sholarships are regularly disbursed by the Bowers Fund, administered by the Cooperative Development Foundation.  February 15, 2018, is the immediately upcoming deadline

February 7, 2018

Many of today’s food co-ops lead their community and marketplace in key ways, though they do not have a dominant share of its total grocery sales.

194 Jan.-Feb. 2018 January 27, 2018

Vermont’s City Market/Onion River Co-op, formerly a large single-store operation, will open its second location in late fall 2017.

December 6, 2017

Earth is flat and infinite, according to paid experts. Funny Times

December 6, 2017

Susan McGaughey has been a leader at Valley Natural Foods in suburban Burnsville, Minnesota, for 37 of the co-op’s 40 years.

December 6, 2017