Erika A. Inwald

Domestic Fair Trade Association

Erika A. Inwald is from Brooklyn, New York. She has worked with food service and hotel workers in four different locals in the UNITE HERE labor union. Erika was a 21st Class Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellow with the Congressional Hunger Center. As a national hunger fellow, she led an effort to strengthen and reinvigorate a local coalition of emergency food providers, helped coordinate the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables to food pantries and hot meal programs, and built new partnerships with local businesses to help salvage more food for distribution. Erika has also done policy and communications work on trade agreements, GMOs, food sovereignty, and the Right to Water for the National Family Farm Coalition. Erika graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Brown University where she wrote a senior honors thesis about whether food cooperatives in New York City can increase food access in low-income communities. She is currently working toward a Master’s degree in Food Policy from New York University.

Domestic Fair Trade Association

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