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Bruce Mayer is a Certified Public Accountant.

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This article is an update to two prior articles in Cooperative Grocer that have addressed the issue of whether there are legal barriers that prevent retail food cooper

April 3, 2018

Accounting Best Practices for Food Co-ops: A Primer is now available, an excellent and concise (14-page) summary in four sections:  balance sheet, income statement, internal control, and c

Endcap Articles November 15, 2012

Our vision for this accounting best practices series is to examine fundamental financial tools and best practices for co-ops that promote overall financial health and the ability to improve.

161 July - August - 2012 August 7, 2012

Summary: Our previous articles were on the balance sheet and the income statement. This article covers internal control. There will be a final article on cash management. Our vision for this series is to examine fundamental financial tools and best practices for co-ops that promote overall financial health and regular review and adjustment.

The accounting best practices in this article will differ from the previous two articles since the guidelines are more dependent on your specific co-op's operations. While the specific systems for good internal controls may vary, the areas of your co-op operation that require a good internal control system are the same and are discussed here. A qualified accountant or a risk management specialist can be an important resource for you in analyzing your internal control practices and needs.  

For background to the finance concepts discussed below, see the definitions sidebar at the bottom of this article.

159 March - April - 2012 April 9, 2012

Summary: our previous article was on the balance sheet, and after our review below of the income statement, a subsequent installment will cover internal controls and cash management.

158 January - February - 2012 January 18, 2012

Can you tell me in 10 minutes what the best practices for finance are that I can use at my co-op?" This question has been repeatedly asked of us in our respective work with co-op finance managers a

157 November - December - 2011 November 17, 2011

Creating solutions begins with building the foundation for the future you want.

148 May - June - 2010 June 4, 2010

Should your cooperative consider patronage dividends to owners? If you are already issuing patronage dividends, is your cooperative following the rules?

134 Jan - Feb - 2008 July 14, 2009