Rochdale’s ‘Pop-In’ Co-op Shop Tackles Food Poverty

Rochdale Pioneers Museum

A new co-operative ‘pop-in’ shop has been launched at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum, offering food and other essentials (including monthly Friday night dinners) to local people living in poverty. 

Located at 31 Toad Lane in Rochdale, Lancashire UK, the Rochdale Pioneers Museum marks the place where the 'Pioneers' – 28 working people – opened a co-operative store in December 1844. Their shop sold fairly priced, good quality food during very hard times, marking the beginnings of the modern co-operative movement in England.

Today, the Pioneer Pantry (open on Friday afternoons) stocks a range of cupboard essentials, fresh products and toiletries.

The result of 18 months’ work by the museum, local agencies and communities, it aims to develop a sustainable model for affordable food.

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